Rolandt, Kurt Cobain

Classic unisex T-shirt, with discharge print

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Content100% Organic Cotton
Weight180 gsm
DescriptionБазовая футболка с прямой посадкой и круглым вырезом. Мягкая и эластичная ткань «джерси» доступна в обширной палитре цветов. Принт был создан берлинским художником, который стал популярным благодаря стрит-арту.
EcologyVegan & organic. No animals were used in the making of this item.

Roland says: "no Sir Othello, no-one is on fire here!" And Mr. Othello answers: "You know fairly little about the power of fire! It can burn whatever it wants. Even water can be put in the state of no more by fire. And the worst thing is: you put a fire on top of a fire, and all you get is an even bigger fire. That, my son, is why I do not want you to play with the fire. Fire has no backside. “- But Sire!" Roland cried "but Sire! When I cannot play with fire, I have no reason to live!" Sir Othello of Cownterburry shook his head slowly. Then faster. "you have a whole world to play with! As long as you dont burn it!" And that roland understood. He turned around and ran off to the world to play with it.

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