Steel thermos PERFECT MESS

Steel Thermos by FREELABEL. Made in Russia. UV printed wuth text PERFECT MESS.

3,500.00 ₽
1-3 days

1-3 days

Thermos PDF

FLX is it the mood of Freelabel. Our expressions speak about how we feel and see the world. With these words we celebrate our differences. Our text expressions are printed using a variety of methods, usually 3D Rubber, a soft puff, a glossy gel. Sometimes we take the opportunity to experiment with new techniques. Special editions can be really bombastic, especially if we find a unique holographic film or vintage style acrylic. All of our printing is durable and washable. Follow the basic rules for caring for the product, and if your grandmother irons it, make sure she does it inside out.

100% 304 Alloy Steel
Made for reuse from high quality materials. BPA FREE, does not contain Bisphenol A. Double layer 304 high alloy steel. Carbon Neutral. Recyclable. Silicon bag is BPA free, reusable, enviromentaly friendly.

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