Deafmessanger Pocketbook блокнот

Блокноты в стиле «pocketbook», ручная работа с оригинальной шелкографией от дизайнера Deafmessanger.

3,700.00 ₽
1-3 days

1-3 days

The Deafmessanger team creates unique notebooks based on two principles: recycling and honesty: “We try to use recyclable materials as often as possible and give things a second life. The greatest pleasure for us is to create products that make great gifts. This gives us the opportunity to share our ideas with many people. Our products are collages of forgotten and found, because we love to give new life to old things. We also work with local companies, although most of our production is made in our studio in Prague.” 

Each notebook is unique inside due to the fact, that it was handmade in Prague from 90% recycled materials. Under silkscreen printed front a secret message is hiding - in the form of a glossy clipping from a fashion magazine page or a black-and-white photograph of a bygone era. Dense pages will equally well preserve both work notes and the owner's innermost thoughts. Each book contains a pencil and a bookmark.

Made from 90% recycled materials.
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Pencil included

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