Brevno LINA белый клён (очки)

Вдохновлённые архитектурой: лаконичные формы в сочетании с выверенной геометрией. Те самые очки на каждый день.

18,000.00 ₽
1-3 days

Этот товар доступен в нашем офлайн магазине, для совершения покупки просто нажмите на кнопку сверху и мы свяжемся с вами и организуем оплату и доставку в ближайшее время.

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The brand Brevno adheres to the concept of "true craftsmanship and antiquity", coupled with modern technology, production and detailing. Brevno strives to add to the wearer's wardrobe a memorable and iconic piece or eyewear. The collection is inspired by architecture - combining laconic forms and geometry. The EXPERIMENTS collection is the result of many creative experiments by the Brevno team. And MIDORI and the ACETATE frames are frames of the “21st century”, made from recycled plastic sourced from Brevno’s own production.

Brevno frames are made from environmentally friendly materials: wood, recycled plastic, resin, and are produced in compliance with environmental requirements throughout the entire production cycle. Sun protection polarized lenses with UV400 protection meet global quality standards and are manufactured in their factory. These lenses are made from TAC (cellulose acetate), a biodegradable plastic based material.


100% Natural wood from renewable sources: walnut, birch, maple. Metal fastenings.
Environmental friendliness throughout the entire production cycle, from the selection of materials to the minimization and recycling of waste.

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