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Alexey Kurchin "Alex Q" is the co-founder and art director of the graphic design studio Hattomonkey. He spent his childhood in the 80s, when Western culture actively penetrated into everyday life, "mixed and transformed." Alexey's works are made in mixed media - calligraphy, collage, graphics – which the artist finishes by hand. A process which gives exclusivity to the entire process. “I work not only in digital format, but also by hand.” During his twenty years of design work, Alexey has been inspired by the works of the great masters and contemporaries, but prefers not to adopt and adapt, rather to explore his work in his own style - “I am fond of contemporary art and experimenting with different techniques. Over the past 4 years I have created more than 400 graphic works”. His works have been published by international publishing houses: Lürzer's Archive, Gestalten, Sandu Publishing, Rockport. Alexey is also an art muse and performer of works for such projects as Big Wine Freaks, Na Vina! and Beefzavod. "In the 80s, new music, new idols and symbols filled my world. I tried to show all this. What we breathed and what we dreamed about." - Alexey Kurchin, Hattomonkey.

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