FAIR SHARE Unisex pullover hoodie

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Классический худи для мужчин и женщин с капюшоном и карманом-кенгуру. Состоит из 100% органического хлопка, произведенного по принципу Fair Trade (справедливой торговли). При покупке каждого изделия 14 центов от его стоимости перечисляется людям, которые участвуют в его производстве.

Fibre Content100% Organic Cotton
Textile Weight280-350g Medium (Hoodie)
Special FeaturesCotton produced under FAIR TRADE conditions. When you buy this 70 cents goes directly to the people who made it.

FAIR SHARE is new line of clothing produced with FAIR TRADE principles. The T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies are made from high quality organic cotton, but are protected from the usual price escalation. A percent of revenue from the sale of the products is exclusively reserved for the employees, in India, who were resposible for the manufacture of each item – thus increasing their monthly wage.

In a collaboration with the Fair Fashion Network and BSD Consulting, a scheme was implemented where which employees of the factories could easily receive their subsistence minimum. "The subsistence minimum is earned for a standard working week, not more than 48 hours, and gives employees the opportunity to provide themselves and their families with food, rent, medical support, transport, education, and clothing - and still have reserves for unforeseen expenses."

14€ cents (10p) from each T-shirt and 71€ cents (54p) from each hoodie are forward directly to the factory employees. All products are made from 100% Fair Trade organic cotton.

Fair Share information    Fair Share information

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