WHO IS Freelabel.

Freelabel is a unique space with unique clothing that you will not find anywhere else in Russia. Born from the desire to offer our base collections to a retail audience, our flagship store in the Bottlehouse on New Holland Island gave us the space to realise this dream.

Our product is exclusively eco and is made with innovative production technology, from a sustainable foundation. Freelabel is one of the first collections to feature recycled and vegan materials in the mix. Everything we offer in our collection is founded on the principle of quality – where ecology, sustainability and quality cannot be mutually exclusive in a contemporary world.

Since 2019 we started to focus on design, bringing into our assortment clippings of our minds and soul thus creating the FREELABEL FL X capsules. And in 2022 we prepare to label our collections and launch them as an independent brand.

Art is a hallmark of creativity. And as such we collaborate with exemplary local artists and invite them to exhibit in our space. So far we have welcomed over 25 free exhibitions in Freelabel since we opened in 2017. Freelabel is for everyday and for everyone.

We give no ordinary love.

2017 Opening the flagship store on New Holland Island

We are glad to be one of the iconic stores in the Bottlehouse. We chose a floor mural by Alexei Poplavski, aptly featuring the explosion of heart and mind, and mirror elements to reflect depth across the small space.  Also the opportunity for local artists to continuously decorate our walls with ongoing exhibitions, which changes the mood and colours of the store each season.  The store is conceptual, with unique collections, created only by Freelabel.

Freelabel concept store in the Bottlehouse, New Holland Island.

2018 Certified Vegan by PETA

Our base product was wholly certified Vegan by the animal protection group PETA.  This means that no animal was used, exploited, or harmed during the farming, manufacturing and delivery of our products.  We are happy about this. Animals are our friends.

2019 Freelabel FL X capsule collections

We have a strong passion for easy creativity.  Our first capsules extended from the funny, sometimes sardonic, voices within our world, and consisted of minimalistic texts printed in a special 3D format.

2020 Greater focus on Sustainability

We believe that small actions lead to big changes in the future. We decided to reorientate our objects and accessories assortment to agree with principles of sustainability and recyclability.  Where we cannot achieve these ecological standards, we focus on longevity and the power of recycle-reuse - with the careful concern for why we are selling the object in the first place.

Vegan Nail polish by Moscow brand, TINTBERRY

2022 Summer concept store in Moscow 

We converted our showroom in the Presnensky district of Moscow into a concept store for the summer season of 2022.  Here we showcased similar items from our regular assortment, plus a few surprises.  We introduced independent brands Patry (Saint-Petersburg) and Conspiracy (Moscow).

The future

After celebrating our 5th year on New Holland Island, we decided our next step is to further develop Freelabel's brand identity and introduce more unique items to our assortment.  Soon we redesign our Petrogradskaya office, of which part will become a second Freelabel space in Saint-Petersburg.  From here our goal is to open more spaces with unique interiors, and allow for the growth of the brand - not forgetting our quality, our principles, and those who travel with us.