Patry Футболка Выше звезд

Patry Классическая Футболка, Выше звезд

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1-3 days

Patry organic vegan T-shirts. Made in Russia. Moscow designer

In order to find the true style of a person, you need to give him time to open up. Once a warrior wanted to leave a sign about his skills and exploits. He was incredibly strong and fast. The arrows he fired traveled faster than lightning and farther than the human eye could see. He planned to shoot an arrow into the sky.

- Stars! he turned to the sky, “Will you catch the arrow I fired so that it remains in the sky as a sign of my dexterity and strength?”

“If you can reach the sky, we will catch you.” - answered two stars: Polar and Evening. The warrior drew back the bowstring and released the arrow. She shot up faster than lightning and farther than the human eye could see. Seeing this, the stars rushed to catch the arrow. They flew after her straight towards each other and collided. The sky shone, sparks fell to the ground and blossomed into a bright flower.


100% GOTS Organic Cotton
100% organic. Vegan. No animals were used during the making of this item. Also made from sustainable materials, from certified and controlled sources.
155 gsm
Single jersey
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